Photo3D Studio. Part 2. Getting started

  1. Place the photo equipment. Several equipment placement possibilities are shown on pictures below. For details related to 360 product photo studio equipment see the page Ready to use 3D photo studio.
  2.  3D фотостудия Самара. 3D стол, лайтбокс, 2 источника света, штатив, фотоаппарат, ноутбук3D фотостудия Самара 2. Поворотный столик для 3D фото, фотоаппарат, штатив, фон, лайтбокс, ноутбук, 2 источника света с зонтамибольшая платформа для 3D фотосъемки3D фотостудия Сахалин 2. 3D поворотный стол для фотоСхема 3D фотостудии простая

    Pic. Several equipment placement possibilities are shown on pictures below. For details related to 360 product photo studio equipment see the page Ready to use 3D photo studio.

    1. Connect leads and power supply source. Connection scheme is shown on picture below. If you use wireless turntable or platform, set Wi-Fi connection. If you use video light, synchronization of lighting light and camera is not needed.  Подключение поворотного стола Photomechanics

Pic. Equipment connection scheme for 3D or 360 product photo

  1. Make sure, that the software has detected the camera and the Photomechanics turntable (or platform) (see Pic. below). If you also use 3D photo arm to create animations with rotation on a three-dimensional plane, make sure, that it is also detected by the software.
Please note: devices can be detected by the software, even if the power supply source is off. That’s why, it is necessary to check, if turntable and photo arm power supply is on (check indicators on the devices).
Photo3D Studio скриншот - программа для 3D фотосъемки 

Pic. Status of devices

Place product in the center of the 3D photo turntable. Center adjustment can be easily done, using the Live View mode on the camera and clicking «Rotate 360» in the software. On all models of Photomechanics 3D photo turntables, which we produce now, the center is specially marked.  Some early Photomechanics models don’t contain such center mark. In that case use the rotary shaft for center adjustment: the center of the object has to be placed directly over the shaft. 

Центровка предмета на поворотном столе для 3D фотосъемки

Pic. One of the ways to center the object on turntable

  1. Point the camera on the object center.
  2. Adjust the lightning level. Camera must have the same settings, as by regular photo shooting of products. Check the lightning level visually, taking test photos via software, pressing «Single Shoot» button. For Pentax and Canon cameras it’s available, to change settings directly via the software. If you use a Nikon, change settings on the camera.
  3. Estimate visually, how the object looks during rotation. To do so, use the user-defined rotation, pressing «Rotate» button.

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