Photo3D Studio. Part 3. 3D photo shooting

  1. Choose the 3D photography parameters. Photography parameters setting menu (Pic. 12) one can find on the main tab  («Photo») in the right part of the screen.

 Параметры предметного 3D фото

 Меню выбора параметров 3Д фотографии товара

Рic. 12. 3D settings menu

  1. Rotation speed adjustment. For small-size and securely placed objects a higher rotation speed can be chosen (Very fast, Fast). For heavy and unstable, or overhung objects decrease rotation speed up to medium (Medium), slow (Slow) and very slow (Very slow).
  2. Delay between table rotation and photo shooting. This function has to be used, if you need time to balance an overhung object, or to undertake any manipulation with an object.
  3. Delay between photo shooting and table rotation. This setting must be used, if a big exposure is adjusted, or if a camera needs time to focus.
  4. “Start in manual mode” function means a photo shooting in a semi-automatic mode. (See “Semi-automatic mode” below).
  5. Number of frames, taken during one full object rotation (360 degrees). You can choose one of the values from the list, or create a custom value yourself (Custom).
  6. Image turn. This option allows to undertake photo shooting with a camera, set vertically (portrait image format).
  7. Flip horizontal, Flip vertical - mirror imaging of every frame, on a horizontal or on a vertical plane. 
  8. Beep on complete – you will hear a beep tone, when the shooting is finished.
  9. Unlock on complete – a turntable will be unlocked, when the shooting is finished (see «Reshooting of single frames»).

Press «Start 3D Shooting» (Рic. 13) and the software begins the photo shooting.

 Автоматическая 3Д фотосъемка товаров

Pic. 13. «Start 3D shooting» button is marked with an arrow

  1. Wait till the photo shooting is finished. You can interrupt the photo shooting every moment, pressing the Cancel key (Pic. 14, arrow 1). You can proceed to semi-automatic mode, pressing «Switch to manual mode» or a space bar on a keypad (see «Photo shooting in semi-automatic mode »).
  2. After the shooting is finished, view the result on the PC monitor, turning the object with mouse scroll. 

 Процесс автоматической фотосъемки товара в 3Д

Pic. 14. On the left you see how to switch to a manual mode, on the right you see the cancel button. 

  1. Retake single shots, if necessary (see «Reshooting of single frames»)
  2. Process images, if necessary (see «3D photo procession»).
  3. Save in required format (see «Formats of saved 3D photos»).

Semi-automatic mode

A semi-automatic photo shooting mode means, that each shot is taken only on photographer’s command (pressing the space bar on a keypad or clicking a button on the screen).

This mode allows to create 3D images with extra animation (for example, the opening laptop or camera during rotation, for examples see, section «3D photo examples»)

To start photo shooting in semi-automatic mode, check the box «Start in manual mode» before shooting (see Pic. 12).

You can always switch to semi-automatic mode, pressing space bar during the photo shooting (see Pic. 14, arrow 2), and return to automatic mode, pressing F5. You can also click the corresponding keys on the PC screen.

Manual table control

To view, how an item will look during rotation, you can turn the table 360 degrees. For that end, press «Rotate 360» button on the right bottom area of the screen. Different turning angles can be used. For this purpose, choose the right angle in the drop-down menu, or press «Custom», to set a user-defined turning angle.

You can also lock / unlock the table, pressing «Lock» and «Unlock» in the right bottom area of the screen.

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