Photo3D Studio. Part 4. What else do you have to know about 3D photography?

Deleting background

The background has often to be deleted in 3D photography. And the manual processing of each frame can take a lot of time. But the background can be erased by means of correct lightning and corresponding camera settings.

Adjust the highest lightning level in the frame, that allows not to flare the object. The background can be erased using lighting, put right behind the background and shining through it.

Most difficult is to “delete” the background in the left and right corners of the frame. If there still is a shadow on the photos there, you can photoscript the images in Photo3D Studio software, so that these shadows don’t get in the final animation. You can also adjust brightness and contrast levels to eliminate shadow.

Is it easy to create 3D photos?

Our customers often ask us, whether it is easy to use Photomechanics equipment. Yes, it is. Obviously it is as easy, as to use a camera. But everybody knows, that a high quality photo shot, which can be good for printing in magazines, or for posting on website, can’t be done fast. It’s necessary to adjust lightning, to set a camera, to take a good photo. You have to be experienced in objective photo shooting, otherwise it is very difficult to create a high quality picture. The same goes for 3D photography. Technical side of the process is easy. But it is much more difficult to make professional photos.

Usually lightbox and one-two flashes are enough, what concerns 3D photography for e-shops. In this case quite good photos can be made by an even non-experienced user. If photos of higher quality are needed, than studio shooting conditions are a necessity. The same goes for place for background and lightning, high quality studio lighters and correct work with equipment.

Lightning system choice

Lightning, which is used by a regular objective photography, fits for 3D photography as well. We recommend our customers to have at least two studio flashes with softboxes, and a lightbox, where a Photomechanics turntable can be placed.

But if you don’t have such lighting devices, we recommend you to purchase permanent lighting  (videolight). The problem is that inexpensive studio flashes don’t give stable impulses, which change from frame to frame. In 3D photography it results in lighting level changes during rotation. Besides that, a 3D photography requires a big amount of photo shots, and eyes get tired not so fast by a permanent light.