Posting 3D photos on websites. Animation formats and integration methods.

Posting 3D photos on websites. Animation formats and integration methods


In this section we describe, how to post a 3D photo on your website. This process is quite simple and usually takes a little time. There are different 3D photo integration methods.

Methods of 3D animation posting on websites

§  Automatic upload from Photo3D Studio to a website

This option allows to upload 3D photo to a website, pressing one key. It’s enough to insert the product code in the Photo3D Studio software and to launch the uploading. In several seconds the image becomes available for all website visitors. You can also use a barcode scanner to insert information about prodbucts. This method allows to automatize the whole process and not to spend time during upload, setting up correspondences between product and photo.

§  FTP + iframe - the simplest way

Even if you are posting a 3D photo on your website for the first time, it takes less than 10 minutes. Fotomekhanika recommends to use this integration method to get the fastest result. This way doesn’t require any experience and knowledge in web-engineering.

§  Adding a JavaScript-player or a flash-player to a website

This method allows not to use iframe, but requires minimal knowledge about website structure and HTML-code. JavaScript-files have to be added to the website titles, and a special HTML-tag, which opens a 3D photo player, has to be put into the text.

§  Plugin for Joomla

If you have a Joomla-based website, you can use a special plugin, which installs the 3D photo player on your website automatically and makes all the settings itself.

3D photo formats for publication on websites

Besides the integration method choice, you have also to choose the format, which you will use for 3D photo saving. Photo3D Studio software supports following formats for further Internet publication:

§  HTML5 + JavaScript

In this format a 3D photo is embed to an HTML-page and is played with JavaScript-player. No Flash support on the PC / mobile phone of the customer is needed. The player appearance can be built using CSS-styles. JavaScript-player has an open code. It allows you to change its appearance and settings, to replace. add and delete visual elements (buttons, frames etc.).


This format has better to be used for 3D-images of higher quality (high resolution, big number of frames). This format is not supported by smartphones and pads. To cover this devices use HTML5+JavaScript.

§  GIF

The simplest format. A 3D animation is saved as one file, which can be viewed as a usual image. There are no control elements, a 3D animation can’t be stopped or launched.

§  Other 3D photo formats (using other software to create 3D animations)

If you need other 3D photography formats for your tasks, then you can use another software, which have wider number of functions and allow to generate 3D animations.