For E-Commerce


Fotomekhanika makes 3D photography available for everyone. Small companies can purchase 3D photo session services for significantly lower price than found on the market. Affordable and inexpensive 3D and 360° photography equipment is also available.

For larger scale companies it makes more sense to purchase the fully automatic Photomechanics PhotoMachine-3D and integrate the 3D photography software with e-shop CMS.

3D photography

  • Get a competitive advantage;
  • Offer more detailed information about your product, which in return allows your potential clients to gain confidence in what you are selling.
  • Lowest prices on the market.
  •  Our main goal was to make our quality product affordable and we have accomplished that.  Even companies with a small profit can afford our 3D and 360 °photography equipment;
  • Possibility of beneficial partnership. Agreement can be signed to outsource 3D Photo Shoot  process as well as apply special conditions of Photomechanics equipment purchase.
  • To create a lot of 3D photos of the main assortment of the shop at preferential prices;
  • Large number of 3D and 360 ° animated images of your main assortment can be done at preferential prices.
  • Generate 3D photos of new products at no extra charge;
  • Don’t waste time on photo base update (or product assortment) renewal, focus more on your business development and other important issues.
  • Powerful capabilities of our manufacturing facilities and their regular updates makes the 3D photo creation process affordable to us and our clients;
  • Great opportunities to purchase Photomechanics equipment under special conditions. When a company reaches a certain turnover rate, it will makes more sense to withdraw from outsourcing services and create  3D photos using your own staff. That transition is seamless to your clients, because product will be photographed with the same Photomechanics equipment, which can be integrated with the CMS of your E-shop.

Integration of Photomechanics equipment and e-shop CMS

  • Simplifies 3D photo creation and publication, saves time of your employees and company’s resources at the same time.  
  • The services provided by our company are exclusive. Equipment producers, photographers and software engineers usually work independently. It’s only Fotomekhanika, which offers a full package of services.


  • Create 3D and 360° photos at minimum costs
  • Get a competitive advantage, even from first steps of your business development
  • Low price 3D photography equipment
  • Large assortment
  • Ability to integrate our equipment with your CMS on special terms
  • Special terms and conditions for more expensive equipment items.
  • Fully automatic 3D photography process within a company
  • Eliminate extra costs related to high-quality photos and 3D photos
  • Produce photos in different planes
  • Generate 3D photos of specific objects: clothes, people, vehicles
  • Custom-made equipment for special and specific projects