Product photography and integration of 3D photo with e-shops


The main goal of Photomechanics equipment integration with e-shop/catalog CMS is optimization of 3D photo creation and publication, it helps to reduce the time spent on a project and increase efficiency of 3D Photomechanics equipment.

Instead of operational sequence

Equipment adjustment  Product photo  Processing  Creation of 3D animation  Publication

We offer:

Product photo  Quick processing  Publication


Photo3D Studio software enables the integration of Photomechanics equipment with e-shop or catalog. The software has a module embed into the site code. This module interacts with the main program and through the main application you operate the photo shooting process. Create 3D and Non-3D photos and upload the content. Therefore your footage for your new e-shop is complete. 

While using this system you don’t need to create, systemize, upload 3D photos manually or search for matching products and images every time.

Photo3D software is compatible with all major software solutions for e-shops. In case your e-shop has a specific CMS engine, we can adapt our Photo3D software to get a full compatibility. The software can be adapted to every e-shop based on any programming language.

Integration result

As a result of 3D photography integration with your application you get the following opportunities:

  • You can create 3D and 360° photos at any time with no professional experience. 3D and 360° photo session process takes only several minutes and doesn’t require any special experience from the photographer.
  • You don’t spend time on saving and publishing 3D photos to your website.  With Photo3D application you can immediately choose the product that you took a 3D photo of and add it immediately. After the photo session is complete, 3D photos are automatically collected in the chosen format: JavaScript + HTML5[l3] , Flash, Silverlight or Gif . After that the animated image is sent directly to the server. The relevant changes are automatically made to the product database, and the 3D photo is available for users right away.

The result is: Your catalog is complete with 3D and 360° data and it is convenient and inexpensive.

All-inclusive services

Photomechanics produces equipment, develops software for product photography and offers 3D photo creation services. It allows us to follow through the entire process and complete all the tasks: starting with engineering of 3D photography systems, ending with its integration into the customer business line and operation.

Examples of 3D and 360 product photos available here