Turntables W-series (Wi-Fi)

поворотный столик для 360 фото, 360 фото, 3D фото людей

Photomechanics RD-120 Wi-Fi

Platform diameter of Turntable RD-120 is 120 cm. It makes it perfect for photo shooting people, furniture, major appliances and other big size objects of less than 200 kg. Built-in WiFi module allows to operate photo shooting wireless.

Sales price: 2350 €

Photomechanics RD-60-W

RD-60 Wi-Fi turntable possesses a 60 cm diameter platform. It fits for medium size objects (weight up to 40 kg) . . Built-in WiFi module allows to operate photo shooting wireless.

Sales price: 1140 €

Photomechanics MX-32-W

Photomechanics MX-32 Wi-Fi is the automatic turntable for 3D photography (360 product photography) of small items as heavy as 10 kg.

Sales price: 820 €

Photomechanics MFT-1-W

Photomechanics MFT-1 Wi-Fi turntable is the result of seven-years experience of 3D photography equipment development, manufacturing and operation. MFT-1 is the next generation of earlier Photomechanics models RD-33 and RD-60, but significantly exceeds their capabilities.

Sales price: 1180 €

Turntables W-series with built-in Wi-Fi module allow to operate photo shooting wireless. Using wireless camera transmitter with the Wi-Fi table (for Canon EOS Cameras: WFT-E7WFT-E6WFT-E5WFT-E4/E3/E2WFT-E1) You get a wholly wireless 3D photo studio. Photo3D Studio software synchronizes picture taking with turntable movement and allows users to control the entire image capture, processing and 360 product view composition in a single workflow. You just take photos as if devices are connected via cables, but actually you are doing it wireless!