PhotoMechanics TurnTable RD-33. Front side. Photomechanics RD-33, RD-60 turntables are made for photographers, e-commerce and museums to create 3D and 360 photos. Photomechanics solutions allow to make interactive 3D or 360 product photo by rotating the object 360 degrees. Photo3D Studio software is made to operate Photomechanics equipment. It allows to convert collected photos into a 3D image (to compose 360 product view) automatically.

We produce turntables of several modifications. RD-33 is made for small size objects shooting (up to 20 cm) including jewelry, watches, glasses, mobile phones etc. RD-60 can be used for shooting of objects which weight up to 40 kg what makes it a multi-purpose 3D photography device. RD-120 turntables are designed to shoot big size objects such as people and major appliances.

Our company profile:

  • Production of 3D photography systems;
  • Software engineering which allow to automatize photo shooting, to operate camera from PC, to create and view 3D photos (animated images) automatically;
  • Integration  of 3D photo systems and internet sites as well as online catalogs;
  • Service packages dealing with 3D photography, objective photography,  filling databases with 3D photos, equipment delivery and staff training;
  • 3D scanning and 3D shooting systems engineering.


Our company collaborates with photo agencies, photo studios, museums, scientific centers and engineering bureaus.  Cooperation with various organizations provides fast and dynamic growth to our company.

Photomechanics works extensively with  Department of Theoretical Mechanics of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University by participating in student arrangements and organization of FabLab Polytech.

What is 3D photography?

For E-Commerce

Photomechanics offers solutions for both small companies and big e-shop market professionals, what makes 3D photography available for everyone:

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For photographers and photo studios

Photomechanics produces a wide range of 3D photography equipment, software and accessories:

  • Photomechanics RD-33 turntable
  • Photomechanics RD-60 turntable
  • Photomechanics RD-120 turntable
  • Photomechanics K-100 photo arm
  • Photomechanics K-150 photo arm

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For companies

Photomechanics Machine3D, a 3D photo machine, allows to propel business communications to the next level. Tasks, which   Machine3D is ready to complete:

  • To create 3D photos quick and easy;
  • To simplify business communications;
  • To create e-catalogs;
  • To prepare presentation materials.

You can use our photo machine as easy as a scanner in your office.

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