Photomechanics is a professional producer of 3D photography and 3D scanning equipment.
The company was founded in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg and is represented by the trademark PhotoMechanicsPhotomechanics.

Our company profile
• Production of 3D photography systems;
• Software engineering which allows to automate photo session process and operate the camera from PC, create and view 360 degree photos (animated images) automatically;
• Integration of 3D photo systems and internet sites as well as online catalogs;
• Service packages dealing with 3D photography, object photography, filling databases with 3D photos, equipment delivery and staff training;
• 3D scanning and 3D shooting systems engineering.
We sell 3D photography systems in Russia and CIS countriesworldwide directly and via distributors. Please contact our sales department to clarify, if the Photomechanics equipment purchase is available in your country.

Main principles used by us for engineering of 3D photography Photomechanics equipment:

  •  Ease of use and reliability
  •  Technological effectiveness and unique character 
  •  Availability for a wide range of customers

So far as integration of equipment with customer’s e-shop or catalog is concerned, we offer a complex, solid solution, and optimizing customer’s costs on further system’s operation.
Our customers

  •  E-shops, selling small-size, medium and big-size appliances, souvenirs, personal belongings, cloths, shoes, jewelry, accessories and other products, which visual appearance have profound importance
  •  Museums, creating e-catalogs of art and history objects
  •  Professional photographers, for still life photography
  •  Advertising agencies
  •  Big engineering and manufacturing companies with departments in different cities, which purchase equipment for presentations, deal with 3D modeling of details, devices or constructions 
  • Amateur photographers

Photomechanics constantly engineers new systems, meeting the most specific customers’ requirements. We broaden the range of our 3D photography equipment: recently we are developing a fully automatic PhM-3D photo machine, which is aimed to take photos in all planes. This machine is made especially for users that are not too experienced in professional photography.