Lighting Machine ML-60

Lighting Machine ML-60 was designed as Photomechanics RD-60 accessory.

Sales price: 940 €

MultiCam System 5-250

MultiCam System

Sales price: 4870 €

Laser centering system L-1

The laser centering system L-1

Sales price: 470 €

Polystyrene cover

Polystyrene cover. 60 mm diametr

Sales price: 130 €

Camera Holder

The Camera Holder is designed to mount the camera on a photomachine.

Sales price: 380 €

Mount for unstable items B-2

For shooting objects with thickness from 1 to 10 mm. (For example, blisters or small books) and a width of up to 10 cm. The dimensions of the fastening can be changed by the request of the client.

Sales price: 180 €

Photo3D Uploader

Photo3D Uploader allows you to upload a 3D photo to a website directly from the program

Sales price: 290 €

MultiCam System 3-250

Multicam 3-250 is a system for installation and control of multiple Canon DSLR cameras and is typically used for 3D photography of medium or large items. Use of multiple cameras adds second axis to the rotation of the object when viewing it online and converts 360 product photo to 3D product photo.

Sales price: 4550 €
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