MultiCam System 5-250

MultiCam System
Sales price: 4870 €

Multicam 5-250 is a system for positioning and controlling multiple cameras for 3D photography. Allows you to place and use up to 5 Canon DSRL cameras

- Photomechanics R-250 is a large and shockproof stand in a quarter of a circle can hold up to 5 cameras. The inside diameter of the stand is 2.5 meters.
- Photomechanics SynchroBox: electronic photo driver for monitoring and synchronizing camera shutters.
- Network USB Hub 3.0 ST-Lab U-770: high-quality USB hub, necessary for the simultaneous use of multiple cameras.
- Manfrotto tripod heads (5 pieces)
- Synchronous cables and USB data cables for all 5 cameras.