Photo3D Uploader

Photo3D Uploader allows you to upload a 3D photo to a website directly from the program
Sales price: 290 €

How it works:

  •     You take pictures of the goods.
  •     Read the product code using the barcode scanner, or enter it manually.
  •     A video with a 3D photo is automatically uploaded to the server, the page with the product is updated, and a 3D photo becomes available to your customers.

Photo3D Uploader consists of two parts. The first part is the client module which is built into Photo3D Studio. The second part of the module is hosted and configured on the web server.

The cost of the module Photo3D Uploader includes:

  •     Client module
  •     API for configuring the module on a web server
  •     Technical support

The configuration of the server part is not included in the cost, but we will be happy to help you and answer all questions from your programmer!