Product range expanding

We have extended the line of our products. In addition to RD-33 and RD-60 turntables now we sell a platform for big-size objects Photomechanics RD-120. It can stand loading up to 200 kg and it fits for big-size objects photo shooting, like major appliances (fridges, washing machines etc.), bicycles, motorbikes. RD-120 platform can also be used for photo shooting of clothes on mannequins or people.

Besides that, we started serial production of our automatic Photomechanics K-100 photoarm (crane). This photoarm is made for creation of 3D photos with rotation of an object on a three-dimensional plane. It is compatible with RD-33, RD-60 turntables and RD-120 platform.

Those, who have already bought our turntables, can extend functionality of their 3D photo studio, simply connecting the photo arm to their PC. Our new customers we advise to buy a whole set of turntable and  photo arm, or to test a 360 photo first and purchase a photo arm additionally for a three-dimensional rotation.   

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