First experience of 3D photography turntable usage

In this article, Stanislav Samodelkin, one of the new Fotomekhanika members, compares his notes about the first usage of 3D photography turntable Photomechanics RD-60. We didn’t put him in the way of things on purpose, we simply gave him a package with our 3D photo turntable. Here is what Stas writes; we just added links for detailed description of some functions, mentioned by him:

Many of you are interested in the way, how a beginner can take good photos fast? How much time one needs to spend, getting acquainted with the software and creating his first shots?

I haven’t tried anything of the sort before. Except perhaps for taking  pictures of my works with P&S camera in a self-made photobox.

So, what do we have:
- an installed Photo3DStudio software
- installed camera drivers
turntable  and camera, connected with PC via USB 

Поворотный стол для 3D фото товаров

Everything went in testing mode, and unfortunately I had no special lightning. Only a couple of industrial luminaires were alight.

We place a camera and our object :

 Опыт использования поворотного стола для 3D фото товаров

It lacks a professional white background, because our aim is to get acquainted with the software and to test the equipment as fast as possible.

I adjust the camera. I select random parameters in the software  and press Start. 

Предметная 3D фотосъемка на 3D фото столе Фотомеханика

The first shot, turntable rotation at the estimated angle (depends on the number of shots you selected), shot, rotation… After the whole cycle has ended we see the preview directly in the software:

Первый опыт использования поворотного стола для 3D предметной фотосъемки товаров

I save the profile, so I don’t have to adjust the parameters once again every time and to scratch head over it (111 on the screenshot). When the software restarts, all settings are uploading automatically.

The whole process I filmed on my mobile phone:

The speed can be also adjusted in the software. A photo can be fuzzy by a very quick shooting.

Which formats can be used for 3D photo saving? 

Формат 3D ролика HTML JavaScript Flash GIF

On the screenshot you can see all formats, which can be applied to save the taken 3D photos.

At once I wanted to check: “Does the software do it in the right way and are there any bugs.”

I save the page as html: here is a link with result.

Then I make further tests, but with another object: 

Съемка товара 3D на поворотном столе

This time I decided to add a white whatman paper behind the table and to save picture in Gif format:  

Съемка товаров в 3D в интернет-магазин

At first time we get fuzzy contours (afterwards it became clear, that the problem was connected with a too long exposure). I retake photo, play with parameter. To save time, I adjust a smaller amount of shots:

Съемка товаров и предметов в 3D

Taking into account a lack of good lightning, the result seems to be well. It is still a little fuzzy at some places, but closer to the ideal.

So, is it possible to get a good shot at once?

Becoming acquainted with the software in about 20 minutes, you can easily learn the ropes and start professional 3D photography. If you are lucky to be experienced in regular objective photo shooting, you will master skills much faster, than the author of this article did.

Good luck to everybody in work and creation!

(С) Stas Samodelkin