Case. Before & After. Product photography of jewelry

We present you a case in format before and after. The jewelry factory setup Photomechanics equipment and optimized the process of the product photography.

- 4-6 photos of one product
- Photos on the mannequin
- Photos on the man
- Still Life

Here is examples on the client's website:

example-of-photography      example-of-photography      example-of-photography

Сonditions of photography:
Foto cube with dummy + 2 projectors + camera + white background for shooting people + extra processing in Photoshop
Shooting speed:
130-150 items per month
Costs for shooting:
1000 euro the salary of the photographer with skills of processing in Photoshop

- Interactive Photography
- 2-4 photos of one product

Here is examples on the client's website:


Сonditions of photography:
Photo machine S-60ML + crane-tripod + camera + laptop with software Photo3D Studio
Shooting speed:
1300-1500 items per month
Costs for shooting:
2 assistants with a salary of 300 euro in a month

Results on the client's website:
Ring with a diamond on a black background (4 projections)
Ring with amethyst on white background (4 projections)
Ring with a stone on a white background (1 projection)