3D photo

3D photography is a set of photos, taken from different angles, converted into a 3D animation, which can be viewed in browser on any PC or mobile device.

Why do you need a 3D photo?

Due to the PricewaterhouseCoopers research, the main problem, why people don’t purchase online, is the fact, that there is no possibility to “touch” a product before purchase. Consumers want to get most detailed information about the product, to examine it from all sides, to touch it with both hands. Online purchases don’t give such possibility, that’s why a consumer wants to see at least as many product photos as possible.

3D photography allows to satisfy curiosity of consumers and to gain their confidence.

It’s quite expensive, to order 3D photos by professional photographers and companies, dealing with three-dimensional photography. And to create a three-dimensional photo by yourself you need to be experienced in photo shooting, lightning adjustment, installation and software engineering. Using Photomechanics equipment, even a non-experienced user can create high-quality 3D photo automatically in several minutes and add it to the e-catalog . The required knowledge is integrated into the Photomechanics equipment. All the user needs to do is to place the item and to control the shooting from the PC monitor!

3D photo creation process

To create a 3D photo a series of product images has to be made. Using Photomechanics equipment you get three-dimensional photos automatically. It requires only a couple of minutes to create such series:

Раскадровка 3D-фотографии

3D photoscript

After shots are taken from all angles, photos proceed to the PC automatically. Further you operate the photo shooting process from your PC. Photo3D Studio software allows to control the photo shooting process and to create 3D photos automatically. Results are saved in one of following formats: HTML5+JavaScript, Flash or Silverlight. The ready 3D photo can be easily published in an interactive catalog or on website, and becomes available for site visitors.

View examples of 360 product photo

Photomechanics Turntable series includes modifications for 3D photo creation of different objects: starting with small items like mobile phones and ending with big-size products like furniture.