5 things which 3D or 360 degree product photo will improve

One of the main questions you may have before you purchase our equipment is what you will get from it?


Here we would like to provide you with 5 facts that we are certain will help you make a decision.

increase-360-degree-3D   First of all we have noticed that after our customers setup our 3D and 360 degree product photo studio and upload the new interactive images to their website, it usually increases their conversion up to 10%. It works well with all kinds of items, from jewellery to aquabikes. That's pretty amazing. So when a client has a better understanding of the product that he is going to purchase, most likely he will do it more often.

money-360-product-photo   Second thing is that the customer will spend more time on the website due to interactive 360 degree view of the product. This entails to a better statistic and good reviews from clients. Finally this will decrease possible negative reviews for the website.



seo-3d-360-degree-product-photo-position   Third thing is Google. Yes, Google will put your site on a higher position if the client stays longer on the website. We are sure they will!




7-01-360-product-photo-studio   Fourth thing is the reduction of returns and cancellations due to a better understanding of the goods that customer is viewing. Surely when client can see the product and rotate it just like holding it in hands there will be less disappointment when the item is received.


handshake-3d-360-degree-product-photo   The last important thing is loyalty. The main components of creating a program for consumers loyalty is considered to be the product. So one of the steps to increase it is to have a 3D and 360 degree view of a product. This is the key link in the client-company communication system.



So we have five things which 3D and 360 degree product photo will improve:

  •  Increase conversion of buying the product up to 10%
  •  Time spent by potential client on the website is doubled
  •  Improvement of the position in Google, due to increase time spent by viewing pages
  •  Less returns due to a better understanding of the goods
  •  Customers loyalty is increased

360 photo of Canon EOS camera