Photo3D Studio. Part 1. General capabilities

With purchase of Photomechanics equipment  you get Photo3D Studio software free. This software allows to realize 3D photo shooting of different objects in automatic and semi-automatic mode. By 3D photo shooting is meant photography of an item from different angles with further composing of taken shots into an animation, created to be viewed on the PC screen, as well as via Internet.  

Examples of 3D animations you can find  in Examples pages.

3d фотография механическая передача

Pic. Example of 3D photography. Object can be rotated left-right, as well as up-down.


Core capabilities

Photo3D Studio software has following functions:

  • To control a camera, Photomechanics equipment and to synchronize them
  • To 3D photo shoot an object (360 photos and full 3D photos) in an automatic mode
  • To adjust turntable rotation speed and photo arm movement speed
  • To set delay after each turn
  • To set delay after each shot
  • To change number of photos in 3D photography
  • To make a beep, when 3D photo shooting is finished
  • To photo shoot in automatic mode (1 click = 1 ready 3D animation)
  • To photo shoot in semi-automatic mode (the software waits for the key to be pressed by user after each frame – to create 3D photos with extra animation)
  • To save 3D photos in different formats
  • To save 3D photos in p3d  format (to store and process in the software)
  • To save a photoscript in folder, using JPEG and RAW formats
  • To save 3D animations with Adobe Flash player (in SWF format)
  • To save 3D animations with JavaScript player (HTML5)
  • To save 3D animations in GIF format
  • To adjust GIF rotation speed
  • To make backup copies of all taken photos
  • To save files to a chosen folder with an order number, assigned to every file
  • To save files, choosing a file save path and file name manually
  • To set definition of the saved 3D photo
  • To adjust JPEGcompression quality
  • To adjust zoom
  • To upload 3D animations directly to a database and to a website right after photo shooting (option)  
  • To take single photos
  • To operate turntable and photo arm manually
  • To rotate at a user-defined angle
  • To operate the turntable rotation and the photo arm movements, pressing corresponding keys
  • To lock turntable in the desired position, to unlock
  • To operate wireless turntables  and camera via Wi-Fi
  • To operate camera settings (available only for Pentax and Canon cameras)
  • To create exposition and ISO
  • To change file format and photo definition
  • To view the created 3D animation
  • To process 3D photo
  • To make a 90, 180, 270 degrees turn
  • To change image brightness / contrast
  • To reverse rotation
  • To choose the first frame
  • To make photoscripts
  • To add watermarks and logos to 3D images
  • To save single frames
  • To save photoscripts automatically according to frame numbers
  • To save chosen frames
  • To save and upload photo shooting profiles to a file

Legal information

Photo3D Studio is a registered ECM software, Federal Service for Intellectual Property certificate № 2012613459. The copyright holder is OOO (LLC, limited liability company) Fotomekhanika. The software is covered by the Federal Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection Act, by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other acts. Any distribution and usage of the software, which is contrary to the license agreement, as well as software code changes, hacking are illegal.

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