Photo3D Studio. Part 7. Reshooting of separate photos

Reshooting of separate photos

Sometimes you need to reshoot one or several photos. It can happen, because, for example, a flash didn’t work well during the 3D photography.

Frame reshooting can proceed automatically. You choose the frame (just rotate the object with mouse to the required position), click «Re-Shoot» in the bottom right area of the screen. The software rotates the table in the desired position, takes the shot, and then rotates the table to the initial position again. To use this option, the box «Unlock on complete» must be unchecked. It means that the table won’t be unlocked after 3D photography is finished, and an automatic reshooting will be possible.

To unlock the table just use the «Unlock» key.

If the table has been already unlocked after shooting, but you need to reshoot some frames anyway, then you can press «Re-Shoot», turn the table to the desired position manually and take the shot. Before that, a required frame should have been chosen, by rotating an object to the desired position.