Photo3D Studio. Part 8. 3D photo processing

Photo3D Studio software supports following functions of image processing:
  • Image rotation
  • Image crop
  • Brightness / contrast adjustment
  • Rotation inversion
  • First (front) shot choice

The whole processing proceeds in a packet mode, it means, that all shots of a 3D photo are being processed simultaneously.

Image processing is done in the tab «Processing». To process an image you have to upload or shoot a 3D photo.

Image rotation

To rotate an image use rotation keys for 90, 180, 270 degrees (corresponds the 90 degrees turn counterclockwise). This function is necessary for vertical shots (portrait format).

 3D фото редактирование

Pic. 17. 3D photo processing tab. Rotation keys  (90, 180, 270 degrees) are marked with an arrow.

Image crop

For image crop open the «Processing» tab, click "Crop" on a tool bar and select the required area with a mouse (Pic. 18). After that, click «Apply» in the upper part of the screen.

Before selecting an area you can choose the required size of the cropped image. If you want to use a specified image resolution precisely, check the box «To Specified Resolution». Otherwise only proportions of your selected size will be used.

If you check the box «Contain Proportions», the software will save proportions of initial image after crop.

You can also view the 3D animation in crop mode to be sure, that you haven’t deleted a significant part on one of frames. For this purpose use the keys «Play forward» and «Play backward» in the upper right part of the screen (see Pic. 18). You can stop on any frame using the «Pause» key, or clicking on the chosen frame in the view bar at the bottom of the screen.

If you have already chosen an area and then you decide to cancel the crop, it’s necessary to press the «Cancel» key in the upper part of the screen.

 Кадрирование 3D фотографии товара пакетно

Pic. 18. 3D photo crop

Brightness / contrast adjustment

To change brightness / contrast press the corresponding key on the toolbar right (Pic. 19). Change brightness and contrast, using a mouse, moving slider boxes in the upper part of the screen. After that press «Apply» to confirm or «Cancel»  for cancellation.

Обработка 3D фото товаров

Pic. 19. 3D photo brightness / contrast changing

Horizontal rotation inversion

You need this function, in case you have uploaded photos from the folder to the software and have noticed , that the 3D animation goes vice versa. To invert the rotation, press «Reverse horizontal» on the toolbar of the «Processing» tab.

First (front) frame choice

This function allows to choose the frame, which will be shown first by 3D image view. To apply this function, choose the necessary frame on «Processing» tab, rotating the object  to the required position with a mouse. After that press «Set as first frame» on the toolbar.