Photo3D Studio. Wi-Fi connection setting for 3D photography turntables RD-33W, RD-60W, RD-120W

Among Photomechanics 3D photography devices one can find devices, connected via Wi-Fi. To use such devices, besides a standard Photo3D Studio software installation, a Wi-Fi configuration setting is needed.

Attention! For a correct work of Wi-Fi connection with Photomechanics devices, there has to be a wireless network with a Wi-Fi signal of high stability in your office/studio.

For connection setting:

  1. Download the WiFi Configurator software, un-zip.
  2. Close Photo3d Studio. Launch the file PHMWiFiConfigurator.exe.
  3. Connect Photomechanics device via USB. Adjust network parameters and press Configure Device. Write down the port and the IP address.
  4. To check click Check Wi-Fi Connection and make sure, that the device has been configured for your wireless network. After that close the configurator.
  5. Disconnect USB cable, turn off power supply source of the device.
  6. Launch Photo3D Studio. On the tab "Settings" check the box Wi-Fi. Check, that the port and the IP address are the same as they were in the configurator earlier. Check, that the IP coincides with the PC IP in Wi-Fi.
  7. Switch on power supply source of the device. It has to be found by Photo3D Studio.

Attention! Using a dynamic IP, the device has to be reconfigured every time the IP changes. That’s why a static IP is needed, that can be set manually.