Photo3D Studio. Software and driver installation

Please note! Don’t connect devices, before the software and drivers have been installed.

Photo3D Studio studio is available on Fotomekhanika website (menu section «Download and update software»). To download the software insert the license key, which you can find on your license (you receive it together with equipment).

Photo3D Studio лицензия

Pic. Photo3D Studio. Keys for software download and activation are listed in the bottom part of the sheet.

After you have inserted the license key, save the zip-archive with a distribution kit on your PC. Un-zip the files and launch the file setup.exe. Follow the manual and install the software. During installation you may need also to install Microsoft .net framework 4.0. In this case the installer will offer you to install this framework automatically.  

Launching the software for the first time, you will need to activate your license. To do so, enter the license number and the license key. You can find them in the documents, which you get with the equipment set.  To activate the software, your PC has to be connected to the Internet.

Launching the software for the first time, you will also see «Setup Manager» menu, which helps you to install drivers. First thing you need to do is to install Photomechanics drivers. In the following you will be able to open «Setup Manager» from Windows Start menu / Photomechanics / Setup Manager.

For devices, produced up to September 2012 the box «Launch the CP210x VCP Driver Installer» has to be unchecked.

After Photomechanics drivers are installed, you need to install drivers for your camera, depending on your camera model. Using Nikon and ОС Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 no drivers are required.

After drivers are installed, close the «Setup Manager» software. Then connect Photomechanics equipment and your camera with a PC. Wait, till Windows installs devices drivers. Then launch the Photo3D Studio software.

After that icons «OK» for camera and Photomechanics device must appear. Check, how the devices work, pressing «Rotate 360». The turntable has to make one 360 degree turn. Try to make a test photo shoot, pressing «Single Shoot». The camera has to take one photo and image has to appear on the software screen. 

test 3D photo single shoot

Рic. Having pressed «Single Shoot», you see the test shoot result in the Photo tab.

Important information for owners of Canon cameras, launched before 2011

Some Canon cameras require usage of an older version of Canon EDSDK. If your camera doesn’t work in the correct way, proceed to Settings section and look, if your camera is in the list of Canon cameras for this EDSDK version. If not, change the EDSDK version to 2.7 and look once again. Your camera has to be in the list now.

выбор библиотеки фотоаппарата Canon для 3D фото

Pic. EDSDK version changing for earlier Canon cameras

Besides that, some old Canon models require special drivers, which can be installed from the Canon website. Some cameras are not supported by Canon, and there are no drivers for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. But you can still find drivers for earlier OC Windows versions, for example Windows XP. In this case Fotomekhanika has no legal and technical possibility to assure a correct work of your camera with latest OC versions.