360 degree Product Photo Studio ST 300 base + light

360 degree spin studio for extra large items with light
Sales price: 18260 €

Ultra-large modular 360 degree studio for shooting large-sized objects. At the heart of its design is the turntable Photomechanics RD-300 with a diameter of 3 meters. The studio is designed to create 360 degree interactive photos of large goods: furniture, equipment for gyms and sports equipment, bicycles, motorcycles and other objects.

Composition of the 3D-photomechanics  ST-300 Base + Light
- Rotary platform Photomechanics RD-300
- Base module with metal frame and white backdrop Studio XL-300 Base
- Lighting module with 12 LED light sources Studio XL-30 Lighting
- Synchronized and USB-wiring, hub and controller
- Rotation and shooting of objects, as well as the creation of 3D clips fully automated and controlled using the software Photo3D Studio or Object2VR Studio