Automatic turntables

Поворотный стол PhotoMechanics TurnTable RD-33. Передняя панель.

Photomechanics RD-33

Out of production. Now we have better solution Turntable MX-32

Sales price: 550 €
Поворотный стол PhotoMechanics TurnTable RD-60. Передняя панель и предметный столик.

Photomechanics RD-60

RD-60 turntable has a 60 cm diameter platform. It fits for medium size objects (with weight up to 40 kg).

Sales price: 910 €
поворотный столик для 360 фото, 360 фото, 3D фото людей

Photomechanics RD-120

Platform diameter of Turntable RD-120 is 120 cm. It makes it perfect for photo shooting people, furniture, major appliances and other big size objects of less than 200 kg.

Sales price: 2890 €

Photomechanics RD-300

Extra large turntable RD-300 for shooting of bulky items. Turntable has diameter of 3 meters and capacity of 500 kg. This turntable was purposely developed for creating 3D and 360 photos of sports equipment, motorcycles, furniture, gardening equipment, building materials, white goods, sculptures, installations, test benches etc.

Sales price: 8660 €

Photomechanics MFT-1

Universal modernized turntable Photomechanics MFT-1 with wide range of accessories and options for different kinds of 3D and 360-degree photography

Sales price: 1120 €

Photomechanics MX-32

Photomechanics MX-32 is the automatic turntable for 3D photography (360 product photography) of small items as heavy as 10 kg.

Sales price: 670 €

Photomechanics turntable is a fully automatic device for making 360 and 3D product photo. Photo3D Studio software, that allows to convert collected photos into a 3D image (360 animation) automatically, was developed by Photomechanics specially for its turntables.

You can operate the automatic turntable and photo camera from PC or laptop via USB or Wi-Fi connection. And to control the gear just use the Photo3D Studio software.

Photomechanics turntable allows to create series of up to 360 photos/rotation (one photo per one degree). Photomechanics 3D equipment has a wide tuning range and a variety of customization options.

OS Windows ; Canon, Nikon, Pentax support; 3D photos can be saved in JavaScript + HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, GIF, JPEG formats. RAW format images support is also available.

Photomechanics 3D equipment is a simple way to create 3D photos!

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Software for turntable and camera control, automatic 360 and 3D photo processing and generation