Photomechanics MFT-1

Universal modernized turntable Photomechanics MFT-1 with wide range of accessories and options for different kinds of 3D and 360-degree photography
Sales price: 1120 €

Turntable Photomechanics MFT-1 is the result of five-year experience of 3D photography equipment development and operating. This unit is superficially resemble earlier Photomechanics models like RD-33 or RD-60, but significantly exceeds them in capabilities. This turntable  have wide range of accessories such as various heads, tabletops, stands and devices for 3D photography (not included in the base supply package)

Functional Capabilities of Turntable Photomechanics MFT-1 includes:

  • 3D and 360-degree photography of tall things up to 2 meters in height and up to 50 kilograms in weight
  • Ideally suited for 3D photography of dummies and tall footwear
  • 360-degree photography of hanging objects up to 50 kg (ideal for shooting of chandeliers)
  • The tabletop does not stray from horizontal position even when you shoot tall things
  • Precision rotation

Suggested accessories for the Turntable Photomechanics MFT-1 includes:

  • Acrylic tabletop D=5 centimeters for 3D photography of «levitating» objects
  • Acrylic tabletop D=60 cm, universal for 3D photography of any items up to 50 cm
  • Tabletop made of laminated chipboard D=60 cm is a universal surface where you could mount any unstable object (e.g. for 3D photography of dummy) or built-in appliances (e.g. for chandelier or mixer shooting)
  • Big Tabletop made of veneer with acrylic coating D=100 cm for 3D photography of rather big but not very heavy items like bags, suitcases, computer equipment and so on
  • Hanging Rod for 3D photography of hanging linear objects (e.g. bicycles, tennis rackets or kayaks)
  • Column rack simplifying the operating with small products, e.g. jewelry 
  • Module LED for bottom lighting of the object suggested to be used with acrylic 60-cm Tabletop
  • Special heads for 3D photography of mobile phones and tablets which provides fixation through the Minijack or Lightning connectors

Turntable Photomechanics MFT-1 is compatible with the following 3D photography equipment:

  • Photo Arm Photomechanics K-100, which can be used with turntable MFT-1 for spherical 3D photography
  • Lighting Machine ML-60 which is classical equipment package with lighting 
  • Turntable Photomechanics MTF-1 is automatically operated by Photo3D Studio software as well as other Photomechanics units. 
  • Turntable Photomechanics MTF-1 is fully compatible with all Canon and Nikon reflex cameras.
Diameter, sm from 5 to 100
Surface color white, black
Platform stuff chipboard melamine, acryl, plywood
Speed 1 reel of 36 photos per 60 seconds
Maximum weight of the object (direct position), kg 50 kg
Maximum weight of the object (reversed position), kg 50 kg
Recommended dimensions of the object, cm 0-80 cm
Price includes Turntable MTF-1, white laminated chipboard tabletop D=60 cm, USB-cable, power lead, Photo3D Studio license