Photomechanics RD-300

Extra large turntable RD-300 for shooting of bulky items. Turntable has diameter of 3 meters and capacity of 500 kg. This turntable was purposely developed for creating 3D and 360 photos of sports equipment, motorcycles, furniture, gardening equipment, building materials, white goods, sculptures, installations, test benches etc.
Sales price: 8660 €

Turntable Photomechanics RD-300 was purposely designed for shooting of bulky goods and museum specimens. Its diameter of 300 meters allow you to work comfortably with items up to 2.2 meters in length. 


Turntable RD-300 possess uncompromising strength and reliability which allows you to use it in storage or photographic studio in 24/7 mode. All of the bearing elements are made of steel. We use exclusively industrial components in actuating system.  


Shooting process is fully automatic. The software Photo3D Studio regulates turntable and cameras. Shooting process with RD-300 completely follows the work with other Photomechanics turntables and platforms. 

Design Features:

Turntable load-carrying part is made of steel. Tabletop is made of top-quality plywood 25 mm thick and covered by even high-strength white banner fabric.

Turntable is driven by the industrial asynchronous geared motor and has the encoder for regulating of turning angle.

Turntable RD-300 can be transported non-assembled by minibus or compact truck.

Configuration and Compability:

Basic configuration includes:

  • Turntable RD-300
  • Photo3D Studio software
  • White banner fabric for the tabletop
  • Connecting wires 

This turntable is compatible and can come with following equipment

  • Photomechanics Multicam system for multiple cameras shooting
  • Photomechanics ST-300 Base module
  • Photomechanics ST-300 Lighting module
  • Photomechanics ST-300 Hanger

The price doesn’t include delivery, assembly and commissioning service. Please revise the cost calculation by contacting the sales office. You can individually order specific turntable up to 5 meters in diameter. Please contact the sales office to get more information.