360 degree Product Photo Studio ST-120 Base + Light + Hanger

Big 3D-photostudio based on 1.2 meter turntable with lighting module and hanger module
Sales price: 7490 €

This big modular 3D studio was designed especially for cases when you need to shoot items hanged in the space. For this purpose turntable Photomechanics RD-60 is fixed directly above RD-120 platform with the use of steel beams and frames. Hanger module plays a big role when a project requires having certain objects to be hanged from the top. Solid steel beams will hold things up to 20kg from the table. Hanger can also be utilized without RD-60 turntable and lets you suspend the objects directly from the beams. In this situation items can weigh up to 50 kg. Hanger can be removed along with base module. Top beams can easily be removed to allow taller objects to be photographed.

Current Kit of 3D-Studio Photomechanics ST-120 Base + Light + Hanger includes:

Suggested options and accessories: