360 degree Product Photo Studio ST-120 Base

Base set of equipment for 360 photography of big items. This modular photostudio was designed especially for on-line stores with a wide product line.
Sales price: 4230 €

This base modular studio includes Turntable RD-120 and specially developed mount system that holds sole-coloured white background. All constructional elements are made of steel and can endure heavy load without being bent or broken. Base module is fitted with 4 industrial casters for convenient reposition or relocating of the studio. The top platform of the base module is made of tough fiber glass matt color material.

This photostudio is simple to assemble and easy to move around your working space. Reliable construction provides you quick background replacement.  Base platform connects flat with the turntable placed in the center and allows seamless transition between the object and the background. That eliminates unnecessary lines and shadows on the final picture.

Current Kit of 3D-Studio Photomechanics ST-120 Base includes:

Suggested options and accessories: