360 degree Product Photo Studio ST-120 Base + Light

Base set of photostudio equipment with lighting module based on the turntable 1.2 m in diameter
Sales price: 6030 €

In this unit 3D-Studio Photomechanics ST-120 Base is completed with convinient and reliable lighting module made of steel beams and frames. It has 6 industrial casters and can be easily removed throughout your working space. Symmetric construction of this photostudio is easy to put together. Module has 6 mounted constant lights that illuminate the object evenly and smoothly. More lamps or flashes can be added as needed. The position of lamps can be adjusted accordingly depending on the object size and its distance from the light source. Lighting module can be used with several different light systems and flashes.

Current Kit of 3D-Studio Photomechanics ST-120 Base + Light includes:

Suggested options and accessories: