3D Product Photo Studio ST-300 XL

Extra large 3D photography studio for bulky items
Sales price: 23130 €

This extra large 3D photo studio was purposely designed for shooting of bulky products. It is based on 3 m diameter turntable Photomechanics RD-300, which makes it ideal for making 3D and 360 photos of furniture items, gym and sport equipment, bicycles, motorcycles and other large goods. 

Current Kit of 3D Studio Photomechanics ST-300 XL includes:

  • Photomechanics RD-300 WiFi turntable
  • Photomechanics ST-300 Base module with metal frame and pure white background made to fit the platform
  • Photomechanics ST-300 Lighting module with 12 LED lighting sources
  • Photomechanics ST-300 Hanger
  • MultiCam 5 system for multiple cameras mounting, control and synchronization
  • USB and synchro wires, hub and controller
Object rotation, shooting and 3D clips generation are fully automatic, controlled by Photo3D Studio software or Object2VR Studio software.