3D Product Photo Studio ST-100 MLK

This universal studio was designed for 360 degree and 3D product photography of mid-size objects such as furniture, appliances, construction tools etc
Sales price: 6230 €

The Studio includes the following:
- Automatic turntable MFT-1
- Tabletop - 100cm in diameter
- Base module ST-100
- Integrated lighting Module along with 12 Led constant light lamps
- Software package (Photomechanics Photo3D Studio)
- Photomechanics K-150 3D Photo Arm
Compatibility with optional modules and gear
- Hanging module for unstable objects
- PhotoArm CraneStand Photomechanics K-150 for 3D photography
- Wi-Fi Module for turntable
- Laser positioning module for object centering
Specifics and other details
- All elements of the base module are made out of steel, which prevents its damage even under heavy loads. (Impossible to bend or break)
- Module is set on 4 industrial coasters with stoppers, it can be easily relocated
- The tabletop is covered with matt acrylic plastic panel. The cover can be replaced at any time

Technical details
- Maximum size of the objects that can be photographed (L/W/H) cm 70x70x140
- Maximum weight of the object, 40KG
- Number of lighting sources, 12 Led Lamps 20Watt each