3D Product Photo Studio ST-120 Enterprise

This big modular 3D photostudio was designed for on-line stores with a wide product line.
Sales price: 9990 €

Big modular 3D Photostudio for on-line stores with a wide product line.

  • Versatility. You can take pictures of any objects up to 1 m in width (some objects - up to 1.9 m) and 2.5 m in height. You can create 3D images of unstable objects such as bicycles, wakeboards, handheld power tools etc. You can also make 3D photos of people standing or sitting.
  • Portability. This 3D-Studio was designed to waste minimum of space in the office or store room. You would need an area of 2.5x2.5 m to accommodate the studio.
  • Usability. All studio components was designed to be used with each other the most convenient way. There are no space-blocking racks, bulky light stands or unstable holders in the construction.
  • Steadiness and safety. All the studio compounds are made of steel which prevents them from being upended and broken. All the moving modules are operated by industrial drives and electronics. This studio was designed for continuous working 24/7 and can be used uninterruptible for 3 shifts.
  • Standardization and adaptivity. This studio was designed to simplify and speed up the process of image taking. Set up once it allows you to photograph thousands of similar products. And if photographer faces the specific complicated challenge, the studio is easy to customize. In addition to installed constant lights any studio impulse flashes can be added.
  • Modularity. It is possible to buy the entire contents of the studio or only those modules, which are required for the shooting of certain products. Such an option allow you to spare your means.

Current Kit of 3D-Studio Photomechanics 120 Enterprise icludes:

Functional Capabilities of 3D-Studio Photomechanics 120 Enterprise:

  • Creation of 3D-photos and 360-photos of products up to 1 m in width, 2.5 m in height weighting up to 200 kg.
  • Creation of 360-photos of hanging objects up to 20 kg in weight
  • Creation of 3D-photos and 360-photos of unstable objects up to 100 kg with a setting on the floor turntable and simultaneous mounting to hanger
  • Synchronous rotation of the hanger and the platform
  • 3D-photos with rotation in several planes
  • 3D-photos of people
  • Using of standard or any additional light sources (including impulse)
  • All other capabilities of the studio compounds: Photo3D StudioRD-120RD-60K-150