3D Product Photo Studio S-60MLK

The S-60MLK Studio is based on Photomechanics RD-60 turntable, Photomechanics ML-60 machine and Photomechanics K-100 crane-stand. It is designed to create a 3D animated photo image of mid-size products, such as (notebooks, cameras, mobile phones, shoes, accessories, toys, office supplies etc.) with an ability of biaxial rotation. Once this PhotoStudio is assembled with all the components, including camera and the computer it will only take 2 sq. meters of space. Studio can be stationed on any office table. Very easy to use and doesn't require any special photography skills.
Sales price: 3900 €

This 3D Studio consists of 3 devices combined together. They were designed and developed at Photomechanics and work perfectly with each other. Special background that follows the rotary surface as well as 9 bright LED lamps let you conduct the photo session in the office or home. It will produce superior quality 3D/360 photographs with the biaxial rotation option.

Max Size of the object/product - up to 40 cm

Max weight of the object/product - up to 40 kg

Current Kit includes the following: